The Painful, Beautiful Lessons Love Has Taught Me

Alinoor Accoy
2 min readMar 13
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Love. It’s a wild ride. It can lift us up, making us feel invincible, but it can also slam us down, leaving our hearts in shreds. Through my own love journey, I’ve picked up some pretty hefty lessons.

Lesson One

Love has its bruises. Falling in love? Man, that’s like flying. You’re floating, and everything’s golden.

But, what if that person, your anchor, suddenly isn’t there? That fall can hurt like nothing else.

I recall my teenage heartache when my crush fancied my best friend instead.

That sting, however, was nothing compared to watching my mom reel from my dad leaving her.

She’d cry, and I learned early: love’s radiant, but boy, can it sting.

Lesson Two

Is it possible for someone to love two people at once?

I can’t claim to have all the answers, but life’s shown me it’s possible to have deep feelings for multiple people across one’s life.

My dad did love my mom, but then there was another woman too.

A tricky pill to swallow, but life’s messy, isn’t it?

The key is to find a way to keep moving.

Lesson Three

Forgiveness is love’s best mate. We’re all human. We mess up. And sometimes, our goof-ups wound the ones we adore. Yet, if love’s to thrive, forgiveness is non-negotiable.

My mom, with a heart so big, forgave my dad. Her reasoning? She wanted us to have our dad around. Forgiving, especially when the hurt runs deep, requires immense strength. Yet clinging to bitterness? That’s a road to nowhere good.

Reflecting on my past, these lessons, as tough as they’ve been, shaped me. Made me kinder, wiser, and more empathetic.

Sure, love will test me again. But I’ve got my armor on, knowing that love, in all its chaotic glory, is still the universe’s best gift.

To echo Plato, “The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.”

Love’s a rollercoaster, with its twists and loops. Yet, no matter how wild the ride, it’s the one journey we should never be afraid to take. In all its messiness, it’s still magic. Let’s embrace it, come what may. Because, trust me, love’s worth every bit.

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